Create virtual cards that keep your money safe and your foreign transactions free

Virtual cards powered by DiviPay’s virtual cards are powered by Mastercard
Virtual cards on DiviPay desktop laptop
Virtual cards on DiviPay desktop laptop

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Protect yourself from online fraud with DiviPay
Protect yourself from online fraud
Create virtual cards for every purchase, set spend limits and never share your personal card details again.
No foreign transaction fees with DiviPay
No foreign transaction fees
Spend abroad in over 150 currencies and don’t pay a cent on fees.
Stop unwanted subscription fees with DiviPay
Stop unwanted subscription fees
Pause your virtual cards at any time and take back control of your spending.
DivPays virtual cards are safe and secure

Safe and secure

We take your privacy very seriously. So seriously in fact that we use bank-level data encryption to protect your financial information. Our payment providers are PCI DSS certified and we never store your own card details.

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Quick and convenient

Pay in just three clicks with our Google Chrome extension. Use your DiviPay virtual cards to safely pay online without leaving the checkout or opening your wallet.
For Google Chrome only
DiviPays virtual cards can be used with a chrome extension

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    “This, for me, is the only way I can earn points and have forex fees waived. Really good for when you’re buying stuff off Gearbest, Geekbuying etc. which are priced in USD. I’ve found their exchange rates to be incredible”

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    “Really positive experience using @Divipay for Foreign Transactions.+1 for value. Stay 💪 and soldier on. Will follow closely on social media!”

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    “Now that I found DiviPay I don’t have to worry if my details are stolen online. All I have to do is delete my card and DiviPay will refund me.”

Anywhere, anytime

DiviPay’s virtual cards work just like your usual bank cards. The only difference is they live on the internet, not in your wallet. Enter your virtual card details online and start paying for .
DiviPays virtual cards work anywhere anytime